In the range of classic services offered by the real estate World, the group Habitat has as its commitment to stand out for attention to the customer and celerity in the positive conclusion of the contract of sale finding the best agreement between the parties.


The database of the Habitat Immobiliare Group, unlike the other companies operating in the sector, is UNIQUE, which is very important both for customers who wish to buy and those who wish to sell. All the offices located in various parts of the region are responsible for entering the names of potential customers who are interested in purchasing rather than renting. At the same time, our operators in each branch have the possibility to offer their customers the properties of other offices too, so as to offer what the whole group has available at that time, and in detail.

Part-exchange / Trade-in

The Habitat Immobiliare Group takes a personal approach to assisting customers who are about to move house, immediately buying a new one with an indirect EXCHANGE method which has the aim of selling the property at a market figure without losing value as in a classic direct exchange.

Our group takes care of following all the phases of either the sale or the new purchase, trying to assist the customer in the best manner possible.


The Habitat Immobiliare Group takes care of proposing the properties of its customers, with all the advertising tools available at the time, from the classic sign at the location and window presence, to weekly, fortnightly, or monthly publications, to targeted advertising leaflets, magazines for the sector, newspapers and today the internet, the main channel consulted by customers through many sites including:

and our website www.gruppohabitat.com


The Habitat Group has been involved for many years in collaborating with many real estate companies in order to split and resell entire buildings or portions of them, opening sales outlets on site and handling the management of sales from all angles.

The Habitat Group also deals with proposing to its partners the purchase and direct splitting of buildings on the territory.


The Habitat Group has framework agreements with several credit institutions, to aid customers in securing financing for house purchases, obtaining excellent deals both in terms of interest rates and incidental expenses.

The Habitat Group also has agreements with financial brokers who can propose mortgages or loans from several institutions, comparing them in order to arrive at the customised product sought by the customer.

Real estate valuations

The Habitat Group conducts evaluations of all types of buildings, residential, commercial, industrial, both for sale and for lease, trying to carry out written appraisals, with fairness in relation to commercial prices and sales made in the area where the buildings are located.

Agents are obliged to report to the parent company on their work in order to provide optimal service to end customers.


The Habitat Group offers house renovation as a service, with contacts with leading renovation companies that have been operating in the area for years, with qualified personnel and the documentation and certifications required all being in good order.

Tax, Legal, Notarial, Cadastral assistance

The Habitat Group offers the opportunity to consult our professionals in the field of legal, tax and cadastral matters.

We have agreements with primary law firms (taxation specialism) legal (assistance with purchase), studies by architects and surveyors (land registry, document recovery, planning) and notary offices.

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